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Essential Construction - Smart Building Solutions

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Essential Construction - Smart Building Solutions

Lets say your business was looking to expand by building a new location, that would provide additional jobs or extend your reach to your customers. Then all of a sudden it all came to a halt due to COVID-19. This seems to be the case for many businesses and we want to give you some good news!

You can keep your building schedule and catch back up with ICF Construction.

A sustainable build that will save you time and money.

ICF Construction’s superior all-in-one system can be assembled quickly by the same team eliminating the need for several different subcontractors. ICF builds are finished quicker than your standard construction methods, leading to an accelerated project delivery time. Only a small crew is needed for stacking that reduces your labor cost and is ideal for keeping up social distancing guidelines. The concrete aspect will not limit your design and finish options. ICF works well with multiple finishes like brick, stucco, stone and alternative products.

Education and facts. ICF Specialist will work with your architects, engineers, and investors to review the facts about ICF Construction. Technology has improved over the years for construction and this is the time to upgrade your building methods. ICF Construction is the leading choice for any construction project, the result is a structure of unmatched strength, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Why build any other way?

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